In Honoring the Ingenuity and Purity of Ye Olde Vermont, I am honoring the Vinland Folk of Olde (be they Norse, Solutrean, Red-haired Jötunn Si-Te-Cah, Guanche, Quetzalcoatl, Viracochans, etc).

Mythology lies at the heart of folks cultural inheritance.

Champ: ‘merica’s Loch Ness Monstuh — Hidn Histruh

H.P.Lovecraft on Vermont

The Bennington Triangle

Six Mysterious Stone Structures of New England — New England Historical Society

Riddle Of Mystery Hill: Who Built America’s Stonehenge? — ancientpages

Flatlanduhs in Vuhmont — Vuhmontuh

The back story: Two Vermonts at odds over state’s future — VTDigger

Then Again: Geography and history made Vermont a battleground in the frontier wars — VTDigger

“Our Ruler Is Law And The Law Is Our Own” – Happy Vermont Independence Day! — Vermont Independent

The Glorious land that is Vermont

Flannel is an embrace of Celtic, Welsh Heritage, and the Frontier Spirit of the 17th – 19th Centuries

The Adirondacks is Vermont

The Battle of Walloomsac Heights/ The Battle of Bennington gave Vermonters, New Englanders, and broadly Americans a much-needed victory

What’s a “Swamp Yankee”? | New England Lexicon — New England Today

The Pilgrimage to Sharon, Vermont in honor of Joeseph Smith the Founder of Mormonism

Hunting is a blood connection to the land

An Intergenerational Home is a blood connection to the land

A Vermont Tradition: The Tunbridge Fair

An Accent/Dialect is a Tribal Garb carrying forebear cultural mythos

Question the Narrative: Giants and the Smithsonian


The Ancient Giants of the New World — Humans are Free

Norwegian Giants/Jötunn

Age of Bearded Gods and Giants — Atlantean Gardens

The Incan Legend of the Viracocha – ROBERT SEPEHR

Berserkers — Weapons and Warfare

Viking Longships — Weapons and Warfare




Xanthochroi were the first Americans — Helluland News

The Solutreans And The First No-Nations

Flatlander and YKW’s Occupation of Vermont

File:Map of Vermont highlighting Chittenden County.svg

John LaBarge: Time for Chittenden dominance of Legislature to end — True North Reports

Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George loves violent criminals

Chittenden County is a blight upon Vermont and should join New York

Montpelier rejects “Liberty and Justice for All” street mural

New police chief promises ‘woke’ Montpelier social justice ‘at a responsible pace’

(((Forbes))) Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” And “Mooching” Off “Civil Society”— Renegade Tribune

The Zionist Occupation of Vermont will End

Occupied Vermont

Vermont promotes Thought Control


All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars ($$) — Vermont Independent

“Conspiracy Theory” Truths (CORBETT REPORT) — Vermont Independent

Invasive species


Vermont has too many outdated fossil fuel burning motorcars

15 Places in the U.S. Where Cowboy Culture Is Alive and Well

The Amish – Living Plain — Myth of the 20th Century

Does Vermont really want to sever her ties to Mother Jord on the altar of endless consumerism? AKA more workers for the plantation and more resource exploitation?

Reducing Greenhouse Gases: The Vital Immigration Angle

How the Left Abandoned the Environment: Immigration

Book review – Rewilding

The worship of Nature is the preservation of the world

How Urbanization Affects Bee Populations

What happened at Middlebury? — The American Conervative

Why Do Americans Love the Royals? We Secretly Miss the WASPs — The American Conservative

Warning Out In Vermont

This Vermont town’s name was settled in a fistfight

Social media readers applaud Town Report

Ethan Allen, Vermont Hero

Happy Afmælisdagur: Steve Irwin and George Washington

Be brave, little state, redux — True North Reports

Our Struggle as Loyal Vermonters

On the Meaning of Frith

The Importance of Community

Intentional community

How to find your tribe using these 10 simple steps

Novacadia: White Nationalist Political and Geographical Redoubt — Attack the System

Learn a New L a n g u a g e

William Dudley Pelley: A New Englander, Spiritualist, Prophet, and Leader of the Silver Shirts

5 States That Were Once Independent Nations — From The Darkness Into The Light

The Fable Of The Ducks And The (((Hens))), by George Lincoln Rockwell

Until 1965, the smallest town had as much clout as the biggest city in the Vermont House — VTDigger

Vermont’s Demographic Crisis

VT Vermont VT Veterans Today

Vermonters are bound to the land over multiple generations. The Flatlander industrial spawn seeks to hire cheap invasive workers at the expense of local folk.

Why Folks Should Have Multiple Streams of Income to Survive What’s Coming — Renegade Tribune

Thanksgiving or The Feast of Jord

Here’s How to Become a Prepper — ConspiracyAnalyst.org

Reviving Blue Collar Work: 4 Myths About the Skilled Trades — The Art of Manliness

In honoring Vermont I honor the land, dialect, clothing style, food traditions, homegrown genetic inheritance, and myth which all spring in the locality that is Vermont.

What is an invasive species? A foreign contagion to alter the natural ecosystem of an area. The contagion within Vermont is the influx of environmentally destructive ivory tower globalist cityslicker flatlanders and NPC faggot hippies.

The flame of Ye Olde Vermont shall not perish as long as the spirit of the Green Mountain Boys, Ethan Allan, and the independent Vermont Republic lives on in the hearts, minds, and genetic inheritance of Woodchuck Vermonters and Redneck Yankees of Olde New England stock. What lies in store for the kith and kin of Woodchuck and Olde Stock Yankees? – The heights of glorious splendor.


A life without challenge and risk is a mere existance absent of growth.

Cardio Fitness Home Gym Equipment

Why Jogging is an Important Addition to Your Home Training Routine

Rock Training – Build Muscle and Gain Strength Lifting Rocks — Shape Fit

Seek Discomfort — Wandering Ambivert

Badlands Fieldcraft: No Matter What Happens — American Partisan

Why You Will Get Cut Defending Against a Knife — VikingLifeBlog

7 Reasons To Choose A Knife For Self-Defense — Krudo Knives

Scottish Historical Knife Collection + Sgian Dubh Survival Knife Prototype — Fandabi Dozi

Axe Throwing — Vermont Republic

Klar: Hands are deadly weapons — truenorthreports

“Old? That ain’t stopping me.” — Twitter

The Curiously Quick History of the Dumbbell — The Sperg Box

The Curiously Quick History of the Dumbbell — The Sperg Box — Vermont Folk Troth

Lift weights and do cardio are both important, but there is something in between

The Wim Hof Method


Spiritual Guidance: 11 Types and How to Find True Teachers


COSMIC COWBOY: ‘Astral Bucket List’, Advanced Instruction on Travelling Out-of-Body – By Kurt Leland — Rielpolitik

Mazes in Myth — Renegade Tribune

Mountain Ash, or the Witch-Wood Tree

Vermont Witchcraft

On Thoughtforms and Egregores


Dreams Are Parallel Realities — Kivanity

Parallelism, Death, and Outerworld

CIA’s Gateway Report on Astral Projection

Psychiatrist studies near-death accounts and says they make you happier

Water scrying techniques — Bullfrogr

What is a Time Slip?

The Illusion of Time and Space

History and Progress are Backwards/Primitive/Childish Gullibility while Mythology and the Folk Soul are closer to the Cosmic/Eternal

Star Wars Day

The Case Against The Jedi

Evidence for the Existence of Human Psychic Powers — Theosophy Watch

Epigenetics: Fundamentals

The Power of Positive Thoughts Strengthen Your Immune System — Underground Health Reporter

DIVINE PRESENCE: ‘The 7 Chakras’, Portals to Cosmic Awakening

A Review Of Werewolves: The Occult Truth By Konstantinos

A Celtic Knot of Genetic Memories and Other Poems

How to Perform Distant Healing

How to Successfully Predict the Future

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  1. New England is a great place, settled by a great people. Vermont Folk Troth finds and pits forth a great bit of good info, lore and food for thought. The mix of health and local news with forgotten history and at times neglected myth comes in a good ratio for the New England National – and those from Away. All can stand to learn.

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  2. Bigus Macus said:

    Please check this out ; Archaeologists Find 24 Bronze Statues, Preserved in Tuscan Spa for 2,300 Years | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

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  3. Strnge how for the longest time the blogger, “Nemeton of Cunolugus Drugaisos” had and continues to have content pertaining to Norse, Celtic, Germanic, etc. folklore/myths yet at the same time has commented on my reblogs how he doesn’t support ǝʇᴉɥM Advocacy and deems it “hate” / “intolerance.” A “better/more just world” is his interpretation though reality it is culturally appropriating EUROPEAN/WHITE Myths for globalist bureaucrats and one world government.

    Kalergi Approved Inclusive Heathen: Cunolugus Drugaisos


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