[…]The Enlightenment ushered in the modern era: modernity. […]the Enlightenment’s ideology and mindset directly led to what we are dealing with today. It reproduced and assumed total control.

We still live under this mindset to this day. It is an awkward combination of materialism, secularism, and rationalism.

[…]Many of the nice-sounding words listed above are the degenerations we are facing today:

[…]The Enlightenment took the traditions and learned knowledge from our ancestors and tossed it out completely. They then removed anything spiritual and began the inevitable train-crash of tolerance. They then attempted to replace all of this with fragile human rationalism.

All you have to do is look around in the modern West and see how well that panned out. It has failed completely.[…]

The Enlightenment — The Hidden Dominion


Four Reasons Why Classical Liberalism Ultimately Fails