Brain dump: We can all get along edition. Radical Centrism. The bipolar front! Wow! Localism, Tribalism trump globalism and news cycle ableism! Whoah! IMAGINE.

[…]Life is tiresome. There is little transcendental meaning to the present American, and I dare say European as well, but I expect the deleterious effects of deracination are presently more obviously observable here. But then, even if I still wanted to go to the Motherland and Fatherland – I couldn’t afford it, and thus my observations are culled from tainted sources. Expats, penpals, and so on. But these expats have all tended to indicate that the meaning of their Nation States has eroded, being a Bavarian doesn’t mean what it used to, being Swedish doesn’t mean as much as it should, being Dutch was never supposed to be about weed and hookers. And these were all proud nations.

[…]People want off the ride. […] obsessions. Doomsday Fetishes. […] Apocalyptic fiction accounts for a huge swath of popular entertainment. The News Cycle fulfils a similar need for people with a more businesslike mentality. Rather than pine for Fallout VI: New England with their prepper kitchens and their lifestyle changes in anticipation of uncertain variables, the pragmatist watches the news. Surely this News Cycle will release him from his torment. Each News Cycle has the same goddamn underlying feeling; ‘this is it guys, we’re getting off the ride. Hope you dried your beans.’ CoVid? Apocalypse forecasted at 5. Syria? Apocalypse forecasted at 9. Slavic War Dance? Tracksuits forecasted for 11, gopnik now. Hoo boi.

[…]This isn’t the New England we wanted. We didn’t ask for this. Why is everyone pretending things are honky-dory when clearly, they are not? Everyone and their dead uncle will be all too ready to distract you. See the problem is that Ukrainians don’t have freedom. They’re being oppressed by a State. Problem? Projected. In New England, a Federal Government is turning our land into a parking lot, overbearing on individuated conscience irrespective of arbitrary political affiliation AND replacing the core demographics of the founding stock of this Land with irreconciliable differences.[…]

[…]the majority of souls you’ll meet aren’t even reactionary, but simply passive consumers of life.[…]

IMAGINE — The Serpent’s Loft