Change = Chaos/Disruption/Inversion/Revolution or Rebellion/Inconsistency/A fork in the road

Change can be negative or positive depending on the civilizational cycle. AKA prolonged peace can turn folks into complacent thralls and hardship can make folks strive for peace.

Deception be it gossip/rumor or the government with it’s various false flags and dual citizens can be far more violent to folk’s psychological-emotional lives than pre-industrial civilization.

A high trust society is easy prey for a low trust society/tribe moving in and leeching off of folk’s compassion in order to later dupe/control them.

While driving with my boyfriend the other day, we encountered a half-dozen idiots on the road. Within a five minute stretch, we were almost hit by a series of street racers flying by at 110 miles per hour, cut off twice, and flipped off by a crazy dog lady for, presumably, going only 15 miles […]

Evolution Favors The Immoral — existential ergonomics