[…]We break the initiative of the Chinese Communists with regards to Taiwan by using Article IV Section 3 “New States” and have Congress convene for the purpose of offering Taiwan admission as our 51st State.

Yes, one strategy that would really demand and demonstrate our strength is to offer Taiwan admission as the 51st State.

Of course, the Taiwanese people would have to freely vote for acceptance of the offer. Additionally, this strategy should be accompanied by a strong emphasis on otherwise maintaining peace with China, as well as immediately ending the sanctions on Russia and the aid being given to Ukraine.

Lastly, if the Taiwanese reject the offer, then we should immediately remove ourselves from the conflict over Taiwan entirely; but ideologically unify and prepare ourselves to hold the line against CCP expansion.

What if we Made Taiwan the 51st US State? — Granite Grok

If something like this was enacted it would mean the return to Manifest Destiny, a slight turn toward ethnonationalism [maybe/hopefully] while slightly toning down civic nationalism [1776 Manifest Destiny all the way, not the 1619 project farce], and a complete overhaul of the political system/cleaning out the government, education, and media of malcontents.


Which flag for Taiwan? — United States Military Government Taiwan Civil Government

[…]The United States is also a contender for control of Taiwan. America does not recognize ROC sovereignty and defines its relationship with the island by federal statute in the Taiwan Relations Act. The 1952 treaty that left the United States as the principal power remains valid international law. Several Taiwanese organizations seek statehood for Taiwan believing that becoming the 51st state is the best way to protect the island from PRC aggression.[…]

Which flag for Taiwan? — United States Military Government Taiwan Civil Government