MacGuffin you say? You mean larp, right?

[…]in Asatru there is Urd. The past, personified and deified.

There is a sweeping presumption which holds that if only we could go to the year “blank” than surely, we would be happier. […]

[…] the Icelandic Sagas, for example, you have […] examples of crippling depression. There may be a metagenetic inverse behind the stereotype of the Happy Scandinavian. It seems to me that the Nordic mind is exquisitely equipped to grasp the transience of Luck. It isn’t a stretch to see how that same mind would commodify happiness, and find ways to seal it[…]

Hence, why we don’t see Urd as a majestic, sympathetic woman. Likewise the Romans weren’t in love with Fortuna or Iustitia or Parcae, whose function were somewhat similar to that of the Nornir. […]

Worldweariness was a condition which afflicted the Norsemen, who asked existential questions in turn. I would submit it’s simply part of human nature. […]

[…]Then and now, who prosper spiritually are those whose fortitude exceeds malaise. […] Purpose and meaning give good colour to life, without which the most skilful and artful of men, and women, can be miserable. Brought low.

[…] while we can and should draw inspiration from the past, it is ultimately wisest to use this energy to inform the present. What do we treasure about the past? How can we bring it forward? What attracts me to which period, what of it can I find in the now? Our children and Future generations will be the better for it.

Make a sober account of the specific conditions of those bits of past you seek. Truth should be naked. Americans in love with 1776 don’t flock to the year for [SJW’s][…]

For those who […] hate everything about the past, they don’t need the past. They have the present. […] For them, love of the past is a weapon […] Then like the Borg from first contact they can assimilate the past to eliminate the future. There is nowhere left to go, that the general antipathy of modernity will not try to follow.[…]

The MacGuffin is Magick, Ye Noble Savage — The Serpent’s Loft