Biden bike fall

In our lifetime, we have had bad Presidents. See Jimmy Carter. We have had disgraced Presidents. See Richard Nixon. And we have had Presidents who hated our great country. See Barack Obama. And we have had Presidents who loved this country.

See Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. But we never had a President beholden to so many of our enemies as President Joe Biden.

China continues to show how much they own Biden because of the millions of dollars they gave the Biden Cartel through Hunter Biden. The weakness we are showing the world when it comes to Russia, China, North Korea, and even Iran is embarrassing. We are no longer a superpower to be feared but a cartel to be bought. Joe Biden has shown us that you can be in Washington for fifty years, be Vice President, and hide in your basement to win the Presidency, and it is all about personal gain.[…]

Never Have We Had Such a Compromised President — Granite Grok