So in 2004 the former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, ran for the Democratic party Presidential nomination. He was […] a literal Communist Zionist Jew and a metaphorical fossil, Howard Dean was a pretty mainstream and centrist Democrat.

The Democrats had to play it very tight in those days because, they claimed (more on this later), that being anti-war was a loser in the general election. But Howard Dean was against the Iraqi war and that made him very popular among a lot of people.

The DNC powers did their usual tricks, and then the ENTIRE mass media, from the most staid news readers to the late night comics, spent the month before the California primaries playing ‘the Dean Scream,’ a piece of audio doctored to make Dean sound crazy. It was a full court press from the entire media establishment … hence, the Deep State … to kill his campaign before the all important CA primary, and it worked.

Howard Dean was hardly an ‘outsider’ but he was just the governor of a small liberal state and was clearly not part of the Big Leagues. Other than the opposition to the Iraq war, Dean was a standard issue Clinton-style ‘socially liberal fiscally conservative centrist New Democrat.’

Remember this was 2004. The Iphone didn’t come out until 2007, the Chrome Web Browser not until 2008. Lots of people had PCs and the internet but the ‘Web’ was something mostly younger people were into. Lots of people had email, and chat, and they advertised websites on TV commercials, but it was barely mainstream at the time.[…]

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