Dan Cadman of the Center for Immigration Studies has raised an obvious question about U.S. policy vis-à-vis foreigners who come here to study. Why do we allow nearly a half-million Red Chinese “students” to attend colleges in the United States [More Evidence of CCP Activism at U.S. Universities, July 27, 2022]? Whatever the answer, Cadman links to two alarming reports that show the urgency of deporting these “students,” every one of whom is a potential spy and/or saboteur. Some, of course, actually are. Fang Fang, the Chinese spy who famously worked for leftist U.S. Eric Swalwell of California, entered the country as a student [Suspected Chinese spy reportedly slept with, courted US officials to gain intel, by Mark Moore, New York Post, December 8, 2020].

The CCP uses the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations as a surrogate to ferret out, isolate, and punish Chinese students who do not toe the party line.— Center for Immigration Studies (@CIS_org) July 27, 2022

The first report is from CIS’s George Fishman, who explained that Red China is preparing for war with the United States. As part of that preparation, the Asiatic menace is planting “students” here to spy, steal technology, and create a fifth column on college campuses:[…]

It’s Time To Ban Chinese Students And Academics From Universities. They Are Spies And Possibly Sleeper Saboteurs For The Red Regime — VDARE