The government’s failure to stop the sale of Huiarua and Matanui stations on New Zealand’s East Coast to foreign buyers borders on treason according to Social Credit Party leader, Chris Leitch.

More than 6000 hectares, including a significant area of undulating productive farmland, will be turned into pine trees and the new owners will walk away with a massive profit on the carbon credits that will generate.

The trees will likely never be harvested, leaving the ground poisoned for decades.

The sale will be another nail in the coffin of East Coast communities and will lead to more loss of employment and business closures as people move out of the district.

[…] the Labour government favours the interests of overseas carbon speculators over rural Kiwi communities as it has done nothing to halt these farm conversions despite promising to do so nearly 18 months ago.

It can move at lightning speed to put in place legislation that throws thousands of essential workers out of jobs because of mandates yet move at a snail’s pace to protect productive farmland from being turned into profit for foreigners selling carbon credits so that big polluters don’t need to change their practices.[…]

Huiarua & Matanui farms sale border on treason — Waikanae Watch