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[…] we wouldn’t be at this point in history without a process that has been slowly destroying our social protections as individuals, first against the state and now against big business, which is nothing but the result of four centuries of political and even theological formulas of the Enlightenment.

For instance, in his “Cost of Enlightenment“ lecture given at the 2019 Austrian Economics Research Conference, Daniel Ajamian offers an account of how all the “bads” of the Enlightenment, “not so readily admitted by its proponents: communism, [dys]genics, […], Fabianism, Progressivism, egalitarianism, modern democracy,“ as well as many others, came to be and how our mainstream, progressive thinking is preventing us from breaking away from its spell of abstract freedom and material equality under universal fraternity.

Ajamian credits his ideas to various nonlibertarian thinkers, using their work to describe how the Enlightenment destroyed the free, organic, and spontaneous order of the Middle Ages, in which church and crown could outrank each other in different spheres and in which a plethora of institutions, such as extended family clans, guilds, municipalities, and associations, were free to thrive and incorporate individuals into like-minded communities.[…]

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