It’s fun to think about. A brief discussion on nature and nurture, men and herds, fate and freedom. I’d love to hear from you, chime in the comments if you’re willing. I don’t bite.

Sometimes I wonder about the interplay between determinism and freedom. In keeping with my general belief in the supremacy of the 3rd Position when not pleading the 5th, I don’t see that one necessarily disproves the other. Making a free choice doesn’t disprove fate, and biological destiny doesn’t destroy choice. I’ve written about that elsewhere.

Call it Nature/Nurture. There’s a fine debate. If I had to put a number to things it would be 80 parts nature to 20 parts nurture. I should make way for anomalies, but those are likely part of nature. Another thing. I think our “issue” with all of this is because society has conditioned us to view Nature as a bogeyman.

The idea of Nature as an inviolable mistress whose whims cannot, by nature, be denied – seems cruel. There is no hermeneutic for viewing nature as a blessing. Often the most celebratory trends are ironically the most constrictive. Veganism, for example. Veganism claims to be about nature, but isn’t. Not really- it’s an extension of the very natural instinct of man to rewrite destiny.[…]

Nature/Nurture? — The Serpent’s Loft