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The United States seceded from Great Britain illegally, North America is One Nation

Anglo-America — Wikipedia

Des Deutschen Vaterland, a song about the formation of a Greater German state to unite the German speaking people throughout Europe — Wikipedia — The same applies with the unifying of Canada and the U.S. or more broadly the unifying of the Anglosphere in general AKA the Five Eyes.

Movements for the annexation of Canada to the United States — Wikipedia

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Thoughts on Ethnocentrism

Non-White immigration was banned throughout the Anglosphere before the Second World War

America’s immigration policy drastically changed during the two world wars, steeply going down, only to go up again steadily and then drastically from the end of WW2 till the 195 immigration act and beyond wherein Whitey was frowned upon and the non-white hordes of the world were imported to increase a serf underclass and diminish Whitey. Related: 1960’s Flashback
Don’t have a date for this map nor know how accurate it is though the map is helpful nonetheless

There are folks with light colored hair and eyes in the Middle East, India, East Turkestan/Tocharia, other parts of Asia, and even Africa though they are in the minority.


Ancient Wisdom For Modern Dissidents: Guillaume Durocher’s THE ANCIENT ETHNOSTATE

Overton Window Shifting vs Achieving Power

The true meaning of the phrase, “Make America Great Again,” is about going straight to the core of America’s founding as a White Anglo-Saxon/British colony. To truly “Make America Great Again” is to not only acknowledge who built America from the ground up into what it is today but is also to seek to reclaim our inheritance/self-determination over our homeland.

The same can be said about the various Central and South American countries – they were founded and became what they are today through White Spaniards/Portuguese though the course they took is in stark contrast to the course North America especially the USA took. Unlike the USA which had strict anti-miscegenation laws until the 1965 subversive invasive act/immigration act, Central and South America were heavily miscegenated with the Amerinjuns or outright replaced with Africans in the case of the Caribbean or turned into a Babylonian slagheap such as Brazil.

In South America the White folks are mostly of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian descent or may even have varying degrees of admixture depending on what part of South America. The Greek and Roman civilizations had their time in the sun though it was/is the Germanic tribes that later eclipsed them be it the Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Scandinavian Norse, Varangians, Celto-Germanic Frankish Gauls, and Dutch. Also the percentage of dark hair and eyes is higher the further south in Europe you go, hence why in the past when the USA was racially conscious and explicitly pro-white they didn’t see or believe Southern and Eastern Europeans as being White/Western. There are cultural differences as well as language and aesthetic differences though globalization seeks to erode that.


Canada is unofficially part of the United States.

Canada is an inalienable part of the United State’s/Vinlandic territory. The Amerikaner/Canadianer/Vinlandic folk’s early development of the New World was recorded in ancient Celtic Ogham alphabet rock carvings written 1,700 years or more ago in New England — Who Built New England’s Megalithic Monuments?, Six Mysterious Stone Structures of New England. In the 11th century, Norse adventurers established settlements from Iceland to Greenland, and Vinland alongside the exploration of Helluland, Markland, and territory South of Vinland. There were finds as far flung as the Mississippi River, Maine’s Viking Penny, and Vikings in South America Over 400 Years Before Columbus.

Reuniting the bodies of Canada and America is reaffirming our common Anglo-Saxon heritage/foundation. The one-America principle acknowledges that there is one America and Canada is part of America. The reunification of North America is an unstoppable historic trend. Achieving national reunification is the common aspiration of all True Blooded Americans at home and abroad.
From 2000 census

Folks could say how both the United States and Canada’s ethno-racial makeup has changed drastically especially in the United States where Anglo-Saxon/English heritage has become obscured, though despite this and even despite the 1965 immigration act the heart of North America, the beating of the European folksoul lives on seeking to reclaim our destiny on this continent and reassert our own Manifest Destiny.

Hold Elected Officials Accountable – Impeach Them All

Mass Immigration is not Beneficial to Host Societies — The Neo-Ciceronian Times

A Look Back at Multi-Culturalism in America

Kin-Group and Kin-State — Princeton University

Kin-State Politics: Causes and Consequences — Cambridge

Certain folks may decry the NS ideology as outdated, biased, one-sided, bigoted, exclusive, etc. There’s also folks who say, your putting the blame on x, your playing into the victim mentality, your full of hate, your ideology is not for anything only against everything, etc. Boo hoo to that, cry me a river some other time. The fact is certain groups have diverted the European trajectory off course be they a specific (((nefarious tribal cabal))), Grima Wormtongue stooges, NPC sheeple, or Outlanders of various sorts. The detractors and infiltrators can only go so far until the Zio-blind fold is finally lifted and folks see things for what they truly are. The lügenpresse media seeks to portray neo-NS folk as degenerate thralls of the lowest order, who willingly or unknowingly promote a caricature which helps the anti-white ZOG Cultural Marxist system. Hollywood Nazi’s are either FBI/CIA plants or ignorant of what the true NS ideology is.

Self-determination is what matters not being enthralled by folks emotional upheavals, best to stay true to safeguarding the frith, kith, and kin. Also the NS ideology is about love/appreciation for the frith, folk, homespun culture, language, dress, architecture, music, etc. The whole idea that the NS ideology is purely militant obscures the inner world of ideals, dreams, growth, eugenic improvement, excellence, merit, beauty, etc. that lies at the heart of the NS ideology.
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Red Skull Is Not a Villain and Why SJW Storytelling Fails
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is america-first-not-israel-billboard.jpg
Abolish AIPAC and reinstate the America First policy

Various psyops have occurred throughout our history diverting us from fulfilling our self-determination as a folk. Psyops such as the Judeo-Rothschild African slave trade, the Civil War [which diverted energy away from the American Colonization Society], handing out various rights/privileges to folks under the guise of morality whilst ensuring more worker drones [be it voting rights/dividing parents against each other or the civil rights/turning folks into interchangeable automatons first under the idea of assimilation and now the diversity/multiculturalism claptrap], America used as a battering ram to take out Europes heart in the world wars, the MKUltra Hippie pyop, the 1965 immigration act, Hollywood and the music industries downhill trend, etc.

The chain of Manifest Destiny was severed in 1965 though it can be reforged. As the saying goes, “If your not growing your fading/dying that much faster.” Hence the influx of various illegals/invasives/or mass invasions of folks in general into the U.S. as Americans have become pacified whilst folks sense of family, community, continuity, traditions, honor, heritage, etc. have diminished/broken down. Instead of shrinking W.A.S.P.’s, Amerikaner’s, Canadianer’s, Vinlanders, Norse folk, Amish, Mennonite, etc. folk should be expanding and pushing back outlanders. The Mexican-American war’s outcome was curtailed due to Northern folks not wanting to give Dixie’s folk too much power in the south, the biggest problem at the time was the expansion of slavery/blacks into new territories. In the hypothetical absence of slavery/Africans, Dixie’s southern expansion would go unhindered making Mexico British/American Again.

Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879, Thomas Goodrich — American Renaissance

Part of folk’s worship of victimhood/disdain for Whitey lies in the idealization of AmerInjuns as utopia’s without equal, reality is far different as tribes across the America’s were brutal in their warfare. Scalping was only one of many trophies they had from conquests. The Aztec’s may of been the worse of all with their human sacrificing wherein a still beating heart was ripped out.


The United States was an offshoot/extension of England and the English folk early on, though later on there was a mass wave of Irish and German immigrants which changed the dynamics of America though not to the extent that later immigrants did such as Eastern and Southern European later on, or the destruction of America post-1965 immigration invasion act.
Was the US Official Language Almost German? The Muhlenberg Legend

Late in the 19th century/1890s the practice of assimilation fractures and the English language has to compete with German and Irish Celtic. The Know-Nothing party/group is never established.
The American heartland is heavily Germanic. I like to think of the Midwest as Greater Montana. The Midwest also has the highest proportion of Blondes in the U.S. though (((modern policies on immigration is seeking to change that.)))
Assume this map to be closer to 1990s-2000s America than now

As the Germans are more united and organized than the Irish they are at the head of reshaping America. At the beginning of the 20th century/1900s the Muhlenberg Legend is proclaimed a justification that the United States was almost German by 1 vote, hence the acceptance/promotion of Elias Molee’s True Saxon English is implemented ridding the English language of foreign Latin/French/Greek loanwords/phrases. The policy is also justified citing the Germanic Norse incursion into America long before the British.

With the start of World War 1, the U.S. sides with the Central Powers with the end goals of reuniting North America, disbanding the British Empire, creating the Celtic Confederation [Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Mann, Brittany], and creation of German Mittelafrika. The Celtic Confederation is to satisfy the Irish American population. Galicia could join the Celtic Confederation having a Celtic culture, instruments, etc. though the language would have to remove Non-Celtic words/phrases to truly be accepted and/or be Celtified.


Territorial disputes/claims

Areas Disputed By The US And Canada — World Atlas

3 American Border Disputes You Probably Never Studied

This post may be about America, though countries/nations across the world have had their own manifest destinies, border skirmishes, border disputes/territorial claims. Examples are Territorial disputes of the People’s Republic of China, disputed territories of India, Territorial disputes of Japan, Territorial disputes in the Persian Gulf, and generally a List of territorial disputes.

Besides Texas asserting it’s sovereignty, so too did other parts of Mexico seek independence such as the Republic of the Rio Grande which lasted from 17 January to 6 November 1840 and the Republic of Yucatán which lasted from 1841 to 1848. The Republic of Sonora was an unrecognized breakaway republic in 1854 spurred into being by William Walker an American. While Texas existed as a sovereign independent republic from 1836–1845, joining the U.S. in 1845.
Mexico is an Artificial State


Both Nicaragua and Panama nearly became American colonial outposts/extensions of the United States.

William Walker was a renegade/outlaw/free thinker/pioneer who acted unofficially/unauthorized/off the books. [Though U.S. President Franklin Pierce recognized Walker’s regime as the legitimate government of Nicaragua on May 20, 1856, though the U.S. government itself was a different matter] Dixie called out to him to extend their territory into central America. In 1854 he and a few dozen or so militia men established the short lived Republic of Sonora and from 1856-1857 he ruled Nicaragua. Related: Hidden History: When Nicaragua was an Official US Colony — The Most Revolutionary Act and Monumental BS Artists In History, United States occupation of Nicaragua — Wikipedia. Both Nicaragua and Panama were both gateways to pacific trade routes. It was the United States that helped Panama secede from Grand Columbia in 1903 and later occupied a small portion of the country to build the Panama canal. Related: Panama — Wikipedia, How the Panama Canal helped make the U.S. a world power — PBS, Panama Canal expansion project — Wikipedia, U.S. agrees to transfer Panama Canal to Panama — History.

During the Mexican American war, it was said that, “American blood had been shed on American soil,” referring to an armed clash between Mexican and American troops near the Rio Grande in the disputed territory. The phrase could be taken out and superimposed into most any conflict involving Americans as another justification of many for American imperialist Manifest Destiny frenzy.

Following the Spanish-American war the United States gained sovereignty over Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippine Islands. Though American control over Cuba and the Philippines weren’t planned to last as folks in the government sought their eventual independence. It took 3 years for Cuba while it wasn’t until 1946 that the Philippines became truly independent. A major reason why Puerto Rico remained a territory rather than a state was it wasn’t Anglo-Saxon/Germanic as that was part of American policy back then.

For Cuba to have been annexed by the U.S. there would have to have been NO Teller Amendment and instead Cuba would go down a similar path to the Philippines [U.S. claimed until 1946] or even the path of Puerto Rico and there’d consequently be no communist takeover. As much as America’s Manifest Destiny was in full swing at the time the detractors were also gaining ground especially in government who were far removed from the struggles of American=White pioneer/frontier settler folk.

US imperialism in Cuba, 1898-1901

In 1850, Venezuelan-born Narciso Lopez led a group of mostly American mercenaries in an assault on Cuba. The goal was to take over the government and later attempt to become part of the United States. The state of Texas, which had broken off from Mexico a few years before, was an example of a region of a sovereign nation that had been taken over by Americans before gaining statehood. [Invading small countries or states with the intention of causing independence was known as filibustering which William Walker did] The U.S. government even with Manifest Destiny in full swing frowned on filibustering as a way to expand the nation’s borders.

Related: Narciso López — Wikipedia

Observations of a Proud Southern White Man #2
Franklin Pierce

11 Fascinating Facts About Franklin Pierce — MSN

Despite Franklin Pierce being born a Northerner he sympathized with the Southern cause making Northern abolitionists and Republicans resent him. He recognized William Walker as the legitimate ruler of Nicaragua which set him apart from many/most northern politicians of the time.

“in February 1854, the Pierce administration and ministers from Spain, France and Britain concluded the secret Ostend Manifesto, which stated that if the United States determined that Spanish possession of Cuba was a security threat, it was justified in taking the island by force.”

In a different world Franklin Pierce had 3 terms in office without any Abe Lincoln. The Spanish-American war would have happened much earlier around 1858, instead of 1898. Manifest Destiny and American colonial imperialism would have been a far greater force in this world. His 3rd term could have seen the Second U.S. – Mexican War, shrinking Mexico further or even ending Mexico as an entity in its entirety.

This map represents the United States going all hog wild with Manifest Destiny Lebensraum. Taking more territory during the U.S.-Mexican war and finishing off Mexico by 1865 instead of having a Civil War. Being a Central Power in World War 1 means Britain and it’s colonies are adversaries, America’s justification is the War of 1812 and July 4th/1776 independence. The Anglosphere will be united under American hands. Both French Indochina’s and the Dutch East Indies government and territory would be transferred to American hands in 1918.

This is an alternate world where the British Empire collapsed by the end of World War 1 thanks to America siding with the Central Powers. German Mittelafrika would be a reality post WW 1.This reality also sees American WASP colonialism never cease even after world war jew/two. Korea as a whole is taken unlike our reality where most world war 2 vets were out of the military AKA this reality would emphasize a culture of militancy and colonial WASP glory.

Also to go along with an accelerated expansionism would be not merely physical violence, also a racial breeding war explicitly geared toward increasing the numbers of the founding stock/heritage and decreasing all others unlike our timeline of “civil rights,” Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, etc.

The Disastrous Effects of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act would never have happened.

To top it off, the Folkish Nationalist American WASP Empire helps promote nationalist parties throughout Europe including a Nationalsozialismus German Kaiser Reich, hence European colonialism never ends.


US and Cuba History — Thought Co

[…]The United States began the Spanish-American War in April 1898, and by the middle of July had defeated Spain. […]Not until 1902 did the United States grant Cuban independence, and then only after Cuba had agreed to the Platt Amendment, which roped Cuba into America’s sphere of economic influence. The amendment stipulated that Cuba could not transfer land to any foreign power except the United States; that it could not acquire any foreign debt without U.S. approval; and it would allow American intervention in Cuban affairs whenever the U.S. thought it necessary. To speed their own independence, Cubans added the amendment to their constitution.

Cuba operated under the Platt Amendment until 1934 when the United States rescinded it under the Treaty of Relations. The treaty was part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy[…]The treaty retained the American rental of the Guantanamo Bay naval base.[…]

US and Cuba History — Thought Co

Related: The US takeover of Puerto Rico, 1898

United States Colonial Rule in the Philippines between 1899-1946

During the Cold War, the United States set up the United States Taiwan Defense Command/American Military Base, centered on Taipei, Taiwan operating from 1955-1979.
What if we Made Taiwan the 51st US State?

If Taiwan was to become a U.S. state America’s dependence on importing electronic components from overseas [especially from Taiwan] would no longer be an issue. Taiwan would be overlayed with American values/ideology such as the political duopoly [Rep-Dems subservience to Israel-Mossad-CIA] or America as a den morass of the faceless masses of humanity [cultural marxist/politically correct inclusion/diversity/imported human cargo mandates].

Of course the fact is authoritarian restrictions AKA Politically Correct Thought Control/rewriting history is entirely Anti-American fault-finding. The modern liberal/progressive ideology is a house of cards unnatural and lies on a feeble foundation. The true American heritage lies in the founding fathers, folks of European stock [especially those who can trace their descent to early American pioneers/settlers/puritans]. The way things are going Republicans are reluctant to toss out their oh so holy civic nationalism/race blind ideology and become an explicitly White Advocate/White Sovereignty Party though the Dems are doing everything they can to further the divide and push the Republicans.


The World Is Dangerously Dependent on Taiwan for Semiconductors — Bloomberg

Taiwan independence movement – Wikipedia

United States Taiwan Defense Command — Wikipedia

[…]The United States Taiwan Defense Command was originally formed as the Formosa Liaison Center (founded in 1955 after the signature of the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty of December 1954 and the First Taiwan Strait Crisis of Sept. 1954). In November 1955, the FLC became the Taiwan Defense Command. The command reported directly to the Commander-in-Chief Pacific (CINCPAC). The command was composed of personnel from all branches of the U.S. armed forces and had its headquarters in Taipei. The first commander of the USTDC was Alfred M. Pride, Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet.

When the Korean War broke out in 1950, the United States Seventh Fleet routinely patrolled the Taiwan Strait until the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and People’s Republic of China in 1979[…]

United States Taiwan Defense Command — Wikipedia

US Military Bases in Taiwan — Global Security

The American Colony of Japan


Democrats Were the Party of Segregation Years Ago, and they Still Are Today — PJ Media

History of Democrat racism — Conservapedia

Democrats & Jim Crow: A Century of Racist History the Democratic Party Prefers You’d Forget — Libertarian Institute

The abolitionist movement originated among White folk, from a morally righteous Christian background even after secularism was gaining ground. When morality usurps the role of tribal loyalty it makes folks more malleable to be exploited internally and externally.



On the topic of the South/Dixie:

An alternate history/diverging timeline picture of the Confederate States of America:
The date for the Confederacy just below the flag overlooks the potential conflicts between the South and the U.S. which could have occurred in WW 1 and WW 2, both times when the South could of fallen [in this alternate timeline prior to the 1960 Hippie MKUltra psyop/1965 Immigration act psyop]. This map has Washington, DC occupied by the South, hence the U.S. capitol could have been moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, NYC, or preferably somewhere in the midwest.

A way the above map could have worked out is if the United States was too internally divided to face external threats [where there was no clearly defined central government as each state governed themselves like sovereign nations akin to the articles of confederation prior to the adoption of the constitution, various political and religious factions fought amongst each other, and foreign agents agitated things further] which would allow Dixie to live on much longer. Maybe even add a bit of Mormon Deseret expansionism into the U.S. during the turmoil along with New England secession to get away from all the chaos.


Considering how most of industry at the time came from the Northeast it makes the whole idea of a Southern victory seem like a facade/delusion that never could have happened. Though if it wasn’t for traitors and spies leaking information at critical times/places, or if the South had captured Washington, DC the tide could have turned in their favor.

Even if the South/Dixie had won the civil war it wouldn’t be a good outcome for White folks, even if states rights, an agrarian lifestyle, and Southern hospitality were seen as more fundamental than slavery. Slavery still played a part and it would lead to creating another Brazil.


The Civil war was NOT about freeing slaves, rather it was about reinstating the American colonization societies principle of Back to Africa resettlement. Abraham Lincoln himself married a woman from a prominent slave holding family, and he like Jefferson before didn’t believe White and Black could cohabit naturally, as the distinctions were too great.

(((John Wilkes Botha))) shot and killed Abraham Lincoln before his plans could take affect, thereafter the Abolitionist movement gained huge momentum with the civil rights/cultural-societal inversion just beginning.

The modern new form of Anti-miscegenation laws are/were social distancing as a method of cleanliness, the further the distance between [foreign] groups the healthier the [racial] body.

Texas has a historical claim to all of Mexico, as it was Texas which first declared independence from Mexico in 1836. It was Texas that spurred the acquisition of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. If it wasn’t for the Anti-Democrat/Anti-imperialist Whigs, the United States would of gained much more territory to the South.

For a brief time Americans occupied Mexico city. To truly secure the southern border is to go to the source where the drug lords, crime, unstable/corrupt government, and Mongrels originate and tear them out. Retake/reclaim Mexico as should have happened after the Mexican-American war.

Mexico has Confederate heritage, Irish heritage, Cornish heritage, British heritage, Mennonites, though mostly Spanish-Mestizo-Amerinjun heritage.

The 1840s may seem like another world, many lifetimes ago though time is an arbitrary concept sped alongside technologies push to go ever onward toward the future whilst pulling out the nourishing roots of the past to usher in a globalist grey one world serfdom disorder. All time exists simultaneously from deep into the mists of the distant past to the mists of the distant future and the ever moving present. Memories keep things alive in the present nurtured by love/respect, resentment/revenge/grudge, or generally keeping things in order as a foundation to draw upon as needed rather than having things fall by the wayside. Let it be said that WASP-Amerikaner-White American Manifest Destiny is not dead and lives on. The American pioneers, settlers, adventurers/explorers, cowboys, hunters, fishers, trappers, warriors, etc. live on in our blood and our posterity teach them to remember and keep the flame alive.

Guadalupe Hidalgo Day

All of Mexico Movement — Wikipedia

Mexico’s problems

The Mexican-American war is an unfinished war, an extension of the various wars fought between Cowboys and Injuns. Also rather than folk’s constantly talking about Mexican gangs, drug cartels, etc. Best to go to the source and end it there whilst building White American civilization in the process.

What goes alongside expansionist policies is keeping the blood intact, hence Anti-miscegenation laws, Eugenic family planning, curtailing/neutering dysgenic traits or unfavorable folk, segregation, and a general love/appreciation for ones own folk customs/people/history/language.
Time Capsule: When Eugenics was Celebrated

Being A Progressive, Yesterday: Embracing Eugenics

It’s time to end birthright citizenship

Going into the whole Make the America’s Great Again, I’d say there’d end up being two nations via a mutually assured Manifest Destiny on the parts of America and Argentina.
  1. The American Republic/United States as all of North and Central America-Caribbean
  2. Argentina as all of South America


Thomas Jefferson, Andew Jackson, , Addy Wolf

Though there’s also the Make the America’s into the United States manifest destiny idea:

Racial Loyalty Inverted Through Cultural Marxist Subversion

This post is more of a thought experiment than anything. On the topic, if America’s military bases became colonial outposts rather than merely military garrisons then America would be reasserting our manifest destiny. The modern military is to a large extent being ideologically cucked by academics of the Cultural Marxist stripe whilst opened up to the dregs of humanity though this is a modern phenomenon, prior to that the military was where the most fervent devotees of conservatism, tradition, etc. were.

Wokeness Is Sabotaging The Military Academies

Biden Signs Executive Order to Make Transgender Surgery Free for Military on Taxpayer Dime

Joe Biden Says Military Will Focus on Making “Maternity Flight Suits” — So Pregnant Women Can Drop Into Enemy Territory During Wartime?

Biden Administration Leaves Door Open For Wall Street To Finance China’s Global Military Expansion

Why the military-industrial complex went woke

West Point Cadets Being Taught to Eradicate Whiteness — VDARE

Woke takeover of U.S. military endangers us all

“More inclusive” military to permit face tattoos, fake nails, dyed hair on soldiers

Woke Hiring, Reduced American Competitiveness

Chaplains Group: Make the Military Great Again AKA allow the freedom of religion as an exemption from all the PC Mindworm thralldom — Christian Fighter Pilot

What Will It Take to Make America’s Military Great Again? — The Heritage Foundation

Make the U.S. Military White, Masculine, Disciplined, etc. Again.

How Many US Military Bases Are There in the World? — The Soldier Project

Imagine if every U.S. military base was staffed exclusively by White American families and White American military personnel. [While I’m going all hog wild over this why not also help bring back European colonialism AKA make Africa European again]. Then add on an America First policy where AIPAC is abolished, the complete termination of all Cultural Marxist Political Correct Critical Theory to be replaced with Volkisch values AKA abolishing the Kalergi plan. Get rid of Brussels/EU ZOGgery and help out nationalist parties in Europe.

The U.S. military would commemorate the U.S.S. Liberty. A policy of tough love AKA disbanding U.S. military bases in Europe would mean European nations would have to build up their militaries and reassert their self determination instead of being a pawn of the U.S. while the middle east would become devoid of U.S. military bases [It’s not our land nor our fight]. A one America policy will ensure the U.S. and Canadian militaries merge just as the two countries become one as they were meant to be as an Anglo-Saxon nation.

List of United States military bases — Wikipedia
Make Africa White Again



The Trump phenomena was to a large extent fake nationalism/civic nationalism/Zoggery.

The Trump phenomena alluded to combating the Political Correct Religion’s Zealots through an emphasis on America’s founding principles. Trumpism was/is Civic Nationalism at best and at worst is bootlicking Israel. The ideas put forth be it building a wall and Mexico will pay for it/the wall just got ten feet higher were excellent catch phrases though Trump and the phenomena around him were not the same as they appeared to be.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is canidate-trump-president-orange-man-drumpf.jpg
Post-Trump: How Hard Can It Be?

RINO Party Can’t Stop White Americans Forever

GOP Doesn’t Offer White Voters Much of Anything

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The January 6th Stop the Steal Rally Psyop

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January 6 Was Supposed To Have Hundreds of Casualties

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Election Fraud

TIME Magazine Admits Elite “Well-Funded Cabal” Manipulated Election Laws, Threatened Politicians, Controlled Flow Of Information

Explosive TIME Magazine Investigation: “Well-Funded Cabal” Worked To Change Election Laws, Control Flow Of Information

A new report by investigative journalist Deroy Murdock shows that per an inventory of known vote and election fraud issues in the 2020 election, President Trump won the election.

Ex-CIA Spy Brags About ‘Swinging’ 2020 Election with Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression Campaign

DOJ Investigating Discarded Mail-in Votes Cast by Military in Pennsylvania — All of Them Were For Trump

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