[…]The Biden presidency is a Shakespearean tragedy. It has everything…the fool, the ambitious wife, and the antagonist who hinted all along what he was going to do. We even have the occasional soliloquy that no one understands.

Biden cannot do anything right. His list of presidential un-accomplishments, as his senate career, is now legendary. He took a vibrant, growing economy and drove it into the dirt. He just about killed the rule of law, setting crime records in almost every major city. With the help of his incoherent VP, our borders are now non-existent as well as our brief energy independence that Trump created. Biden has normalized every form of degeneracy and just about killed our education system. And now, it seems he is willing to bring war upon us. We have inflation they say we haven’t seen in over 40 years…8.3% Well, not really. How they figure inflation has changed since 1980 when inflation was at 14.6%. By the method it was calculated in 1980, our inflation rate today is 17.1%. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.[…]

[…]Infiltration of a world criminal organization, aided by radicals from both parties and the Deep State[…]

And That Is The Way It. Is — Bob’s Opinion