How Powerful is Your Sphere of Influence? — Network Wise

Everyone has a sphere of influence.

Although it’s much more accurate to say spheres of influence. […] You’re not just part of one network, you are part of many networks. And how you cultivate and build relationships impacts how powerful yours can be.[…]

Your family members, friends, work colleagues, [etc.] all play a role in establishing your SOI. […] It’s also your friends of friends, relatives of your friends, neighbors, school alumni and professors, everyone at your monthly book club meeting, the coffee barista you see every morning, and many others you may not have considered.

[…]folks you personally know and who can impact you — and vice versa. They have the power to be influential[In the family, community, local frith, etc.] These individuals always take your call, value you and respect your opinion, and consistently act as a springboard to push you forward in various ways.[…]

When you take a closer look and evaluate your relationships you gain better insight. I recommend you make a list of your contacts and ask yourself questions such as:

What industry do they work in?

Who can they introduce you to?

How can you be beneficial to them?

What benefits can they provide you?

What did you last communicate with them?

Like most, you’re probably undervaluing your existing connections. There is so much power already within your reach! There’s a good chance that what you’re presently sitting on is plentiful — it’s just not fully nurtured yet. It’s up to you to determine how to leverage your relationships with them.

You may not realize you have a wealth of influential individuals available at their fingertips. It’s through your spheres of influence where you will likely find your next job role or be introduced to someone who can help with your project. […]

How Powerful is Your Sphere of Influence? — Network Wise


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