Meet me in the middle. Or don’t. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy.

Sunnuvawhoah (son of a whore): a Maine cuss (curse) word indicating extreme frustration, angst or disapproval. Example: “dat peeah presshah’s á sunnuvawhoah ain’t it, deah?” (That peer pressure is a son of a whore, is it not, dear?)

In the last eight or nine months I’ve seen a few folk come to a singular conclusion. By shackling themselves to often arbitrary notions […]

A common refrain becomes: I’m poisoning myself by obsessing over things I can’t change. […] news-grabbling […] is a defence mechanism […]

Less, maybe. In faith as well as social finance the pursuit of higher gnosis requires a strong mind as the deadlift a strong back and the workforce a strong neck. […] Too much obsession with the current gives men a complex,[…] They become twitchy, fearful things.

[…]So White evolutionary psychology requires us to have consensus. The reptilian layer of the brain equates it with survival on a metacognitive level. We all know the theory. White Folk, ancient past, wicked cold Dude. I ain’t even kidding. Colder than Canada. Colder than sweet, sweet witch tits Survival meant becoming a unit. A history of Whites within broad context is part of our Hero’s Journey is recovering individuality.

I don’t care what flavour of politick we are, only mutants are able to truly agree to disagree. It’s not a virtue or a failing, just an adaptation. Consider, encoded in our epigenetics are silent memories of hard times. To survive these you don’t get to have this flimflam la-dee-dah attitude. You fall in line. Of course what do we have? Mixed cultures, mixed methods. Added to this is a message of further individualism. All reality becomes a proving ground.[…]

Pressure Points — The Sperg Box