[…] Since she is blocking the Democrat’s domestic agenda, she has become the bad guy, but her liberal progressive credentials are perfect.

So Democratic party enforcers like Jacobin magazine are combing through her Wikipedia and trying to find something “right-wing” but they are clowns, and really quite obvious about it.

But it is interesting because Sinema went from Green-turned-Democrat local state nobody to a central player in Federal politics because she helped introduce the “Darfur Genocide” narrative and introduce the sanctions at the state level which helped put the “seven countries in five years” 9/11 plan back on track; Sudan was one of the seven countries after all. Eventually they just split the country and gave the anti-Zionist Muslims the part of the country without oil.

[…]So considering that her blocking the bill – Build Back Better? or whatever it was – seems likely a material conflict. […]

But that is how the system works, you find the promising types from the farm teams and if they are reliable – as in “predictable” – they get moved up the ladder.

Kyrsten Sinema And The Deep State — Banned Hipster