Merry New Year’s, lads and lassies. Ad multos annos, and so forth.

[…]Before I put away the old Yule Log** for the year I lit a few candles in the old prayer closet where I keep my crude, hand carved idol of Mother Earth, and ritually vented spleen. I’ll keep my prayers to myself because I’m a superstitious peasant and I think there’s something to privatising at least some intentions.

Cameras rarely do a moment justice, but the way the flames danced on the curves of the Earth Mother plaque felt special. Anywho. Anywho. 2021 was not a bad year. Despite the fact I always feel like time is wasted, I got a lot done. Yesterday I built a wall to cordon off my gym area from the rest of the basement, today I’ll insulate and sheath it for sound retention. That way when I gave guests my neurotic morninglifthaving won’t put them off their sleep. Whatever.

Tis it is the time for New Year’s. Oaths, Boasts and Toasts we called it in a crowd I used to run with what feels like æons ago. Always liked the ring to it.

My New Year’s goals are:

To begin building Clientele of my own outside the family business.

Increase my managerial prowess to allow for business growth and evolution in coming years.[…]

New Year 2022 — The Sperg Box