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The […] obvious reason you should take a digital detox is [to] get better mental rest and relaxation. Whenever I spend too much time on my iPad or phone before I go to sleep I find it really hard to get a good sleep that night. It’s no coincidence. At night time, it’s important that you prioritise winding down and relaxing before going to sleep. If you are staring at a screen and consuming media before sleeping your brain isn’t getting the chance to relax and shut down.


Removing yourself from the media and social media really can help to boost your confidence. [Your not a mere automaton stooge of cityslickers and their ilk, you understand the value of hard manual labor and you think on your own nurturing your own inner flame.]


When you decide to take a digital detox, you are really choosing to shut off your online life and become more present in real life. […]

[…] you’ll realize how much you appreciate speaking and loving the folks in your life.[…]


[…] I spent so much [time] trying to be someone I wasn’t.

[…] taking a digital detox regularly really helps to curb that need for more. […] They [corporate ads, sponsors, clickbait, movie previews, video games, pinstagram, etc.] want you to feel like you need more all of the time. When really you should be content with what you have.[…]


Think about how much time and energy you spend on social media and other technology outlets. Think about how that time could be used doing something healthy and productive.

[-Helping a neighbor, be it plowing/shoveling or generally being an all round handyman fixer upper]

[-Bartering with a neighbor for supplies such as you have eggs from your chickens and I have produce from my greenhouse]

[-Fitness is always good to do be it for fun or competition and it can be in any season]

[-Reading and writing with paper and pen/pencil rather than the digital farce]

[Of course in the modern world many folks have become atomized bereft of kith and kin or even having ties to kith and kin may not always be enough as the political, media, and education systems have been used to invert natural bonds under the false narrative of “liberation” from ones roots to be turned into an aimless pawn.]

[Its good to know whats going on though it can be tedious. Social networking has its merits though in the end face-to-face is preferable.] […]

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