A new purchase agreement between Norwich Farm Foundation and Vermont Technical College would allow the Norwich Farm Creamery to stay in place. 

The agreement comes after a long-running dispute between the farmers and Vermont Technical College, which is part of the Vermont State Colleges System. A five-year lease between the college and the farmers ended in June, and the college has been trying to evict the farmers from the property.  

Farmers Chris Gray and Laura Brown began leasing the property in 2015, aiming to collaborate with the college in a joint venture to provide an educational dairy program for students. The collaboration crumbled the following year.

Last spring, the couple sued the Vermont State Colleges System, alleging that the college misrepresented its intentions with the property and undermined the project. 

The Norwich Farm Foundation was formed to support the farm and ensure the property would not be developed further. It has made a total of six offers to the college, finally landing on a purchase price of $1,065,000 in the past two weeks, said Kate Barlow, the foundation president. 

The agreement is contingent on the foundation’s ability to raise $250,000 in the next four months to support the sale and fund the Norwich Farm Foundation’s plan to build a self-sustaining operation. Community members have already pledged that amount, Barlow said.[…]

Norwich Farm Foundation to buy creamery from Vermont Technical College — VTDigger