Have you ever left the Adirondacks and wished there was a way you could show your love for the region? Ticonderoga resident Rebecca Rapple believes there should be an image to unify folks from the Adirondack Park, so she has designed a new Adirondack Park flag!

To create her Adirondack flag, Rapple chose some of the most recognizable images connected to the region:

The flag’s brown and yellow coloring are the same as those on the Adirondack Park’s road, trail, and welcome signs

The green coloring reflects what you may see on the horizon

The center of the flag is the shape of the Blue Line, or the Adirondack Park boundary

Within the Blue Line is an eastern pine, one of the most common trees in the entire region[…]

Local Resident Designs A Flag To Represent The Adirondacks — Whats New in the Adirondacks