While a commitment to ecological integrity has long been a mainstay of the European right, in the United States it is typically regarded as a plank in the pRegressive political platform, part of its prepackaged offering of open borders, economic redistribution, and amoral individualism. The absence of any broad right-wing consensus on environmental questions in this country is due to the fact that our mainstream conservative party, a coalition of [Cucked Christian Zionists and duped Christian]s and neoliberal oligarchs, have proven unable/unwilling to conserve […] traditional society. This includes the purity, wholeness, and integrity of our native [Vinnlandic] land, which constitute a significant part of the American national heritage. Articulating a rightist approach to ecology while exposing its subversion by the political left therefore remains a necessary task, due to its invariably pRegressive connotations in this country.

Whatever its current-year associations, the natural home of political ecology lies on…[…]

Introductory: Ecology and the True Right — muunyayo