[…]The progressive political world is reeling from the equivalent of two thermonuclear bombs in Virginia and New Jersey.  In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin defeated heavy favorite former governor Terry McCauliffe by a respectable 3-point margin, the Republicans also won two other state wide elections for Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor[…] in those roles respectively, and took control over the state house.  This represents a remarkable swing after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by pallets of Chinese ballots last year and no Republican has won a statewide election there since 2009.  In New Jersey, incumbent Democrat governor Phil Murphy hung on by literal thread, winning by merely 1.6% in a race he was expected to win by anywhere from 8 to 14 points.  Before this past Tuesday, both states were considered Democrat strongholds, safely blue for the foreseeable future.

Biden, Kamala Harris, and former Barack Obama all made personal campaign appearances in Virginia, putting their prestige and influence on the line.  The voters, were unimpressed, and propaganda organs like CNN were completely shocked at the outcome.  On election night, Jake Tapper could only say “Oh my God” as he looked on in disbelief.  The next day the network declared that “Democrats need a reckoning after misjudging the nation’s mood” in an analysis by Mr. Tapper’s colleague, Stephen Collinson. He wrote, “Demoralized Democrats need a reckoning after a rough election night that sent serious warning signs that they have misjudged the nation’s mood as their window closes before next year’s midterms.” Mr. Collinson believes Republicans succeeded because they focused on pressing issues like “a sluggish economy, high gas prices, expensive groceries, crime rates and concerns about the rights of parents to influence what is taught in schools” while Democrats were busy feuding with one another over their massive social spending spree.  Ultimately, both races “reinforced a sense that the Oligarchs Puppet has lost the country’s confidence as he struggles to live up to his vow to restore competency to the White House and post-pandemic normality to American life.”[…]

VA and NJ: The Democrat brand is completely toxic barely 10 months after President Biden took office — Confessions of a Conservative Atheist