A Worthy Foe Makes A Warrior
A Germanic Prayer

Sin means to deviate from that which we are devoted to. This can have completely metaphysical and divine connotations or completely secular and material ones, it makes no difference in its relevance. When you truly devote yourself to something you must consider every moment and action that doesn’t coincide with your own mastery or understanding […]

An Indo-European perception of Sin. — Sun Archer : The Pursuit of the Ancient Truth.


Genuine Norse beliefs against those of politically correct larpers

Sin is to forfeit kith and kin, to poison ones bloodline with a Skræling/Outlander. Sin is to aid nīðings and Grima Wormtongues/Shabbos Goys. Sin is to shirk from growth/eugenics under the altar of morality/humanism/legal jargon.