Hellbound and Down

AVirginia Tech instructor’s syllabus for fall students included her apologies for the “injustice” of being white, heterosexual, and middle class.

“I am a Caucasian cisgender female and first-generation college student from Appalachia who is of Scottish, British, and Norwegian heritage,” the “WHO I AM” section of Crystal Duncan Lane’s released Human Development 1134 syllabus read. “I am married to a cisgender male, and we are middle class. While I did not ‘ask’ for the many privileges in my life: I have benefitted from them and will continue to benefit from them whether I like it or not.”

Lane, a human development andfamilyscience instructor, said she recognizes the unfair privileges of her having white skin, the documents said.

“This is injustice. I am and will continue to work on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism within myself that is the reality and history of…

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