[…]Libertarians believe all people have certain inalienable rights, and that chief among these is bodily autonomy. Forcing a medical procedure on someone is an egregious abrogation of this principle, and we will not stand silently by during this injustice.

Biden continues the unconstitutional, un-American and authoritarian tradition of so many prior administrations: rule by decree. […] false dilemma, where one must chose between two invasive alternatives, exposes the true intention of tyrants. It is vital to understand that this “alternative” will be hardest for the poor, and only serve to increase their barriers to participate in our society.

The oligarchs planned-demic […] of servility and capitulation to government [must be opposed].

Libertarians believe you should protect yourself from both. Mass noncompliance is the only cure.[…]

Letter: Vermont Libertarian party says no mandates — True North Reports