Up until just very recently, Australian children living in Victoria were not allowed to play on playgrounds. They have been given this “privilege” back, but under some very tyrannical rules.

Parents must scan a QR code to prove they are “safe”

Only 1 parent or guardian is allowed in

No removing masks to eat or drink, like from a water fountain.

Apparently these new rules are in place because some naughty Australians were using playgrounds to skirt the rules in order to meet with family and friends.

[…]This is just one example of the insanity that Australians are forced to endure, especially in Victoria.

Daily Expose reports:

Some other restrictions enforced on Victorians include an order to stay at home unless shopping for food, water, and medication; but this is only permitted once per day by one member of the household, exercise for up to two hours per day, or to receive an experimental Conyid-1984 injections that does not prevent infection or transmission.

Victorians are also not permitted to venture more than 5km from their home unless they cannot access food, water, and medication within 5km, need to provide care to a family member, or need to get to work; but they can only do this if permitted by another state.

These draconian measures are in place because there are a few cases being recorded in Victoria.

As of the 31st August 2021 just 4% of the 900 alleged active “cases,” and 0.0005% of the entire population of Victoria have been admitted to hospital with a positive test result for Covid-19.

Wow, what a crisis, right?

Over the past 12 months, only 5 people in Victoria have supposedly died from CONYID-1984 (and likely died from something else entirely). This means Victorians are much, much more likely to die from heart disease or car accidents than COVID-19, but you don’t see the government banning fast food or automobiles. This is because none of these measures are being put in to keep the people safe, but rather to install a judeo-Communist system of control.[…]

Australia: QR Codes Required to Enter Re-Opened Playgrounds, Not Allowed to Remove Masks to Drink Water — Renegade Tribune