Hellbound and Down

‘NewDEAL Leaders’ – a network of progressive state and local officials including those suppressing audits of the 2020 election – has collaborated extensively with a Chinese Communist Party-backed influence group seeking to “neutralize opposition” to the regime, The National Pulse can reveal.

Alumni of the program also include Joe Biden’s Secretary of TransportationPeteButtigiegand failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate StaceyAbrams. Among the current chairs of thecoalition,which “identifies, cultivates, and provides policy support to anetworkof 175 rising state and local Democrats,” is Delaware Senator Chris Coons, dubbed the “Biden Whisperer” and a “power player”among the president’s inner circle byPolitico.

NewDEAL’s leaders include several high-profile Democratic leaders involved in the suppression of 2020 election audits such as PennsylvaniaAttorneyGeneral JoshShapiro, MichiganSecretaryof State JocelynBenson, andformerMaricopa County Recorder AdrianFontes. All three officialsspoke

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