Are you ready for the EVEN MORE INCLUSIVE Pride flag???
Russian Business Introduces Tattoo QR Codes To Prove Vaccination Status
The Pittsburgh Steelers are making unvaccinated players wear yellow wristbands

US—A local leftist, Wankie McJohnson, has finally switched his ‘I Punch Nazi’s’ [sic] bumper sticker to one that says ‘Show me your papers!’ referring to proof of vaccination.

“It’s not a change in philosophy really, but more like a reaffirmation of my core belief system,” McJohnson said. “I still hate Nazis but I just feel that the unvaccinated people are the Nazis of today.”

The decidedly anti-fascist Johnson says that he hates authoritarianism in all its forms but he is 100 percent willing and able to enforce the dictates of the Biden administration including mandated vaccines.[…]

Local leftist swaps ‘I punch Nazis’ bumper sticker with ‘Show me your papers!’ sticker — Genesius Times