The Origin of Money

The Man Who Lives Without Money — True Activist

[…]Since the invention of money, people have looked for the means to attain it. Mr. Boyle has an interesting point of view, even philosophically speaking. He believes most people refuse to accept the necessary connection to nature for even the most basic yet vital needs, such as drinking water.[…]

Why not get back to the way it was before money?

How about creating a local system where only the exchange rate among different products is necessary? For example, let’s say someone produces tilapia at small-scale commercial levels. Another person grows fruits or vegetables. Yet another produces eggs and dairy. Instead of subjecting that to a monetary conversion process, a bartering system could be achieved[…]

[…]cheese price varies depending on the rains. Rain makes the pastures grow, which means more for the cows to feed on, which leads to increased milk production. However, too much milk means a loss for the cheesemakers! They lower the price to sell it faster because they need the space in their fridges and shelves. This practice hasn’t changed in centuries.

Some merchants and producers barter cheese with a solid sugar cane juice block, called panela (brown sugar loaf), used as a sweetener since colony times. The panela producers exchange this for plantains and eggs, chickens, and so on. […] easier in small towns. In the larger cities, monkey business and roadblocks interfere. […] Roughly 25% arrive in the city. 

[…]a leather producer should be able to exchange some of their products for things like shoes, […] market, butchery/poultry, and groceries[…]

[…]This article from a couple of years ago gives a good idea of how bartering works in Venezuela. 

[…]another good piece about bartering by Selco here: SELCO’s Guide to What You Should REALLY Store For Trade and Barter.

[…] [you] can be a producer rather than a consumer[…]

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