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Source: B.K. House

To the chagrin of the Democrat party, an informed and engaged citizenry is the unintended consequence of elections fraught with fraud and the silencing of dissent.

A young man wearing dreadlocks and a backward baseball hat rips into board members at a San Diego Supervisor’s meeting for spewing false propaganda regarding PCR tests and Covid deaths.

San Diego resident, Shaun Frederickson, took the mic at a supervisor’s meeting, calling out one member in particular, saying, “I’d like to address Miss Wilma Wooten and that propaganda you were sharing,” he said, “this is not factual.” Adding, “being that we are not Cuba yet, or North Korea, we still have access to the internet.”

He claimed her department did a fantastic job documenting (Covid) deaths in the county, and says he’s “taken that information which you’ve provided, to ensure that I’m an informed citizen, and I know when you’re…

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