Wind turbine infrasound makes people sick

[…]The health costs of climate action are frequently brushed under the rug, as the health benefits are talked up.[…]

“A lot of my work involves environmental issues on people’s health, and its often discounted. I will use one energy example, and that’s the health effects of industrial wind turbines. The industry adamantly refuses to acknowledge their impacts while in Vermont, we’ve had people abandon their homes, get very sick, from the health effects. So how does that get included?… Vermonters for a Clean Environment is the reason there’s an opt-out on smart meters. Because some people can’t live with them. They make them sick. There is not a generally recognized acknowledgement from the traditional health regulators. So that’s another of aspect of the idea of more “smart appliances.” Does that sort of effect get included in an accounting like this?….

I’m really disappointed. I just learned that the Just Transitions group held their stakeholder meeting and I fully expected to be included and I wasn’t. Leaving me with the only opportunity to bring my real world, on the ground perspective to bring this whole issue to the legislature after you issued your report….

So much of my work involves impacts to minorities[…] And so, what we are doing in Vermont is a policy of sacrificing people. And those are my people, and I have had to tell more people “I think you just have to move.” And I don’t want to keep doing that. I run up against housing problems all the time, because people don’t have the resources to move away from things that are causing them harm.”[…]

“Sacrificing” the Sick to Vermont’s Green Energy — Ethan Allen Institute


Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? Yes: In places where industrial wind turbine projects have recently been introduced, residents have reported symptoms such as nausea, sleep disorders, fatigue, and increased stress that they account to a low-frequency hum—a combination of audible bass sounds and inaudible vibrations—generated by the turbines. — PBS