Banned Hipster

Does Tucker Carlson read my blog?

I mean, obviously not. But clearly he’s picking up takes from “our side.”

He points out that the rioters burned down churches, but not mosques. Oh come on Tucker, you know full well that synagogues were specifically protected by Antifa and BLM organizers placed ahead of time to protect them – they said as much on social media. But of course Tucker knows he can’t say that, so he’s pretending that this has anything at all to do with mosques.

The whole anti-Islam shtick was ready to go when 9/11 happened. It was a “permission slip.” You were allowed to be “racist” to Muslims, and you could even say “it’s not racist because Islam isn’t a race.” The boomer cons seemed perfectly unaware that a lot of the neo-con anti-Islam talking points were actually “anti-semitic tropes” that had be ret-conned to be about Muslims…

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