An analysis of America’s most popular trucks and SUVs shows they now rival the dimensions of the World War II tanks American auto makers once helped build.

As American trucks and SUVs have gotten bigger, they now rival the size of the tanks American auto makers once helped build to win World War II. 

Pickup trucks are the most popular vehicles in the nation, with SUVs trailing not far behind, and they now in many cases exceed the length of the American M4 Sherman produced at the outset of America’s involvement in the war in 1942. 

The tank was a mainstay of the Allied forces during the conflict, and American auto giants GM, Ford and Chrysler helped produce 50,000 of the steel beasts, before going back to producing civilian vehicles for the people back home. 

But since then, the civilian vehicles have slowly grown in size to become the behemoths of the road they are today. 

The Ford F150 pickup truck – the most popular vehicle in the country with 787,422 units sold in 2020, according to Car And Driver – is now longer than a Sherman tank at 250 inches long, compared to the tank’s 228 inches. 

And it’s not the only one. 

The Chevrolet Silverado (266 inches long),  Dodge Ram (242 inches long) and GMC Sierra (231 inches long) all have the M4 beat.[…]

Road warriors: American trucks and SUVs are now longer than the tanks that fought in World War II — Daily Mail Online