Hellbound and Down

Addison Sarter, a former candidate for D.C. city council, will introduce a ballot initiative that would make areas of Washington, DC, into “autonomous regions” where only black Americans would be allowed to live.

Martin Austermuhle, a reporter with tax-payer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate WAMU in D.C., tweeted Wednesday about the development and included some of Sarter’s ideas that are expressed on his Medium website.

The summary of the “African American Autonomy Act of 2021” says, in part:

If this initiative is passed, it will preserve predominantly African American sections in DC as “historically African American autonomous regions.”

The three main predominantly African American sections in DC that this bill would like to preserve are East of the Anacostia River, and the Langdon Park/Brentwood area in Northeast DC, and Colonial Village and Shepered Park in Northwest DC. Langdon Park and Brentwood would be combined into one autonomous region. The same…

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