Baron Carl Von Reichenbach did research on odic force
Baron Carl Von Reichenbach researched an unproved field of energy combining electricity, magnetism and heat, emanating from all living things, which he called the Odic force.


Odic force (sometimes called od) is an all-encompassing vital energy force similar to the ideas of qi / chi, prana, or orgone espoused by various philosophies or new age belief systems. The odic force is thought to combine many theories of magnetism, electricity, and heat among other concepts.

It was postulated by Baron Carl Von Reichenbach, who derived the name from the Norse god Odin. Even in Von Reichenbach’s own time, his theories of odic force were considered pseudoscience.

Evolution of Concept

The theory of Odic force was developed primarily by one man, Baron Carl Von Reichenbach in the nineteenth century. Von Reichenbach was a renowned scientist of his time and had made numerous advances in industry and various sciences, most notably in chemistry and for his theories on the Earth’s magnetism. He had amassed a fair deal of wealth for his works, which freed him to explore his own, less-celebrated pursuits.[…]

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