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When redheads are described, usually words of energy come to mind, like fiery, hot-tempered and flaming. Picture Vikings raiding seacoast villages and establishing trade routes throughout Europe. Even the country name, Russia, where Vikings sailed on the Volga River, means ‘to row.’ The Vikings traveled far and wide, from North America to the Mediterranean. Ancient redheads are known to have traveled worldwide, evidenced in the discovery of red-haired mummies found everywhere, including South America and China.
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Tuatha de Danaan — Biblioteca Pleyades

Astrologers claim there is a connection between the red planet Mars and the fiery nature of people with red hair. Redheads are notorious for their well-known hot-tempered, high strung and sensitive natures. In astrology, if the planet Mars is in your charts, it has the affect of placing fiery, competitive and almost explosive tendencies into your behavior.
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At first thought, the idea of redheads uniting around the world was a little perplexing. What would be the purpose? Personally, would […]

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