Most families have their own holiday traditions on 4th of July. Normally, they involve fireworks, cookouts, swimming pools, and maybe watching a movie like Independence Day, The Patriot, or Jaws.[…]

Are you so obsessed with politics and so struck with Trump Derangement Syndrome that you would actually seriously do this?

What is wrong with you?

In the first clip, McCaskill, former Missouri senator, spent the segment talking about Pelosi’s special counsel on January 6 and how awful the “attack” on our capitol was, and how awful Republicans are […]

Regardless of how you feel about the Capitol riot, it is definitely looney behavior to obsess over it the way McCaskill is here.

I can just imagine what it will be like at the McCaskill’s family 4th of July bash.

“Grandma, can we shoot off the fireworks now?”

“No, just thirty more minutes of watching Buffalo Man wander aimlessly around the capitol.”[…]

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill Says She’s Going To Start A New Family Tradition Of Watching The Capitol Riots Every July 4th And I Think She Has Definitely Gone A Little Crazy — Not the Bee