White Mountains, New Hampshire — TOP WORLD TRAVEL DESTINATIONS

New Hampshire’s White Mountains are beautiful and accessible. So, I understand why Enjoy picked them as “the most scenic place in the United States.” But in this hyper-sensitive culture, […]White Privilege and all that.

[…] it is impossible not to offend someone on the left because the equity crowd holds a monopoly on double standards.

They can say things like, “what can we do to attract more ‘colored people?’ ” without it being considered racist. And even if it is not inherently racist, it is arrogant and presumptuous.

It assumes that there is some magical, mystical bait just waiting to be uncovered that will attract “marginalized persons.” A term that, […] should be considered marginalizing. But not if you have the proper pedigree.

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The White Mountains. How Dare You!

What about Yellow Rock, Kentucky, or Red Rocks, Colorado? How about a Black Rock? There are about thirty of those places and lots of locales with colors in their names. And not one is prettier than the Systemic White Privilege Mountains in mostly white New Hampshire where the state potato is White?

I guess not. And who am I to argue, except that I’ve never been to any of those other places, and I’ve been to the White Mountains; many times. Not because I’m White, or because they are, but because they are nearby, and I used to hike a lot.

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Did you know that hiking is a white privilege thing, too, which makes this worse? White people, hiking white mountains in a mostly white state – White Potato![…]

Is Travel Website Declaring the White Mountains the ‘Most Scenic’ in America, Racism? — Granite Grok