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[…]Why Start a Homeschool Co-Op?

There are many reasons that a homeschool co-op – large or small – can be a beneficial endeavor for parents and students alike.

Some classes simply work better with a group.[…] you may have siblings or a parent who can help out, but for activities such as science labs, it can be beneficial for students to work with their peers.

In a co-op setting, kids learn how to work with a group of students. They can practice vital skills such as delegating tasks, doing their part to make the group activity a success, and resolving conflicts when disagreements arise.

A co-op provides accountability. You know those classes that tend to fall by the wayside? Starting a small co-op is an excellent way to prevent that by adding a layer of accountability. You may find that you have good intentions, are continually pushing aside enrichment classes such as art and nature study.

When you’re meeting with a few other families, you’re more likely to follow through on the classes. It’s much easier to stay the course when other people are counting on you.

A co-op is a great solution for teaching difficult subjects or skill-based electives. A co-op can prove to be the perfect way to tackle subjects like high school level math and science courses or electives for which you lack the knowledge or skill set. Maybe one parent can teach math in exchange for another sharing her talent for art or music.

If you know a parent with a unique skill, such as photography or fluency in a foreign language, they may be willing to offer group classes […] 

A co-op can make the subject more fun for the students. In addition to the prospect of greater accountability, a co-op can make a boring or difficult subject more fun for the students.

While the class may still be dull or complicated, the prospect of tackling it with a few friends can at least make the class more palatable. The students might even find the course fun with an instructor and one or two students who display enthusiasm for it, or who have a good grasp on the topic and can explain it in easy-to-understand terms. 

Homeschool co-ops can help kids learn to take direction from someone other than a parent. Kids benefit from having instructors other than their parents. Another teacher may have a different teaching style, way of interacting with children, or expectations for classroom behavior and due dates.

It’s useful for students to learn to interact with other instructors so that it’s not such a culture shock when they go to college or into the workforce or even when they find themselves in classroom settings within the community.[…]

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