Ships Over Atlantis – yes, we were there… Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built? Keep in mind I am not a trained engineer.  My involvement with starships is with crystals.  I am what you call a Crystal Master.  My walk-in here on Terra is not that part of ‘me’, so don’t expect her to […]

Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built? — Sunny’s Journal

Pleiadian Starships — Sunny’s Journal

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Pleiadian ships are actually gold in coloration! Pleiadian Starships Part One Note to Reader:  The topic for this article was suggested by a dedicated, long-time reader from Oz.  I will dedicate at least one or more articles to this topic as it could fill a couple of chapters.  By no means is this information comprehensive. […]

Pleiadian Starships — Sunny’s Journal
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