Communicable Victimhood

I have said before that violence (with no clear basis) against another person is immoral and often illegal. To make a law highlighting one form of a human over another is moronic. Assault, murder, etc. is already illegal and observed as illegal. My questions are: When are you finally “equal”? Why do we celebrate being […]

Victimhood Professionals Exploit Victims: Look at VAWA (Rebblog) — Mogadishu Matt


Of crows and ravens — how aggressors weaponize victimhood

The goal: Help Curtail Whitey, Poor Whites Don’t Exist in the Liberal Narrative. Victimhood Entitles you to Sympathy Points whilst white priviledge targets you as Oppressive/Evil/Sinful.

Fixed-Mindset / Perpetual Narcissistic Victimhood versus Growth-Mindset / Embracing Struggle for Perpetual Selbstverbesserung