Brave New World

Mysterious blob seen in weather radar on June 4, 2013, in Huntsville, Alabama. Credit: Baron Services

Finally the US Military (Redstone Arsenal Military base) admits playing with the weather. The following article from shows how on June 4, 2014, meteorologist were baffled after discovering a strange phenomenon in the shape of a blob. The phenomenon was a storm that popped out of nowhere during a sunny day in Huntsville Alabama.

At a National Weather Association Meeting the following information was released:

“Officially, Redstone Arsenal disclosed that it was a military test using RR-188 military chaff,” Havin said, referring to aircraft used to spread a cloud of aluminum-coated silica in the case of RR-188.

The cloud can confuse radar-guided missiles, for instance, so they miss their targets.

“My goal was just to show in greater detail how the weather that day was causing things to look the way they…

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