A map of recent appointees to Scott administration boards and commissions shows more than half live along the I-89 corridor in Washington and Chittenden counties. 

On June 8, the Scott administration announced the names and hometowns of  120 people appointed to boards and commissions in April and May. All those interested in serving on a board or commission should visit the Governor’s website to apply.

The map shows that both Chittenden and Washington counties have more than 30 April-May appointees each, almost all within a short distance of I-89.[…]

“It’s, once again, absurdly slanted to Chittenden and Washington Counties,” said a former legislator who does not live in either county. “This would be an area, since these people are not elected, where government could be more inclusive of all parts of the state. Of course, these positions are given to people within the bubble.”[…]

Most new state appointees live in Burlington-Montpelier I-89 corridor — Vermont Daily


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