Of late, my children have come home from school exhibiting symptoms of the pandemic. I’m not referring to coronavirus, I’m referring to the pervasive victimhood disease that has become so commonplace in American Society. It usually presents in the form of a complaint that someone else did or said something that hurt their feelings, and typically that which was done or said can be chalked up to the innocuous. e.g. “We were playing pretend and they wouldn’t let me pretend to be what I want, and that’s not nice!” This is a regular occurrence. As a response I have adopted the retort, “you are not a victim.” When my kids register valid complaints, I hope to instill some coping skills that will allow them to navigate through adversity, but I also hope to instill some discernment of what does and does not qualify as adversity.[…]

Communicable Victimhood — American Thinker