Transverse Waves

The Chinese Communist Party is on the offensive

The rhetoric between Red China and the USA is becoming more and more aggressive and clear. The head of state and of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, calls for a new world order.

For the Chinese Communist Party and the Red government in Beijing, the supremacy of the West and the US in world trade and politics is a thorn in their side.

At an international economic conference, the Boao Forum for Asia, Annual Conference 2021 in Boao, China, Xi Jinping declaredthat it was time for a “new world order” .

In doing so, he attacked the United States. His rhetoric and tactics are already used by many Chinese politicians, including the Chinese Foreign Minister. The supremacy of the USA is always denounced and presented as unilateralism.

In contrast, the Red Chinese introduce themselves as multi-lateralists, as global players who…

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