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Music icon doesn’t mince his words.

Source:Paul Joseph Watson

Former Oasis icon Noel Gallagher didn’t mince words when asked what he thought about Prince Harry, calling the virtue signaling Royal a “fucking woke snowflake.”

Speaking with the Sun, the musician said he sympathized with the idea of having to put up with a mouthy younger brother.

“Prince William. I feel that fucking lad’s pain,” said Noel.

“He’s got a fucking younger brother shooting his fucking mouth off with shit that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William,” he added.

Gallagher said that the main question he keeps getting asked by journalists is not about an Oasis reunion or the 10 year anniversary of High Flying Birds, but “how much of a cunt is Prince Harry?”

“Prince Harry is coming across like a typical fucking woke snowflake, fucking arsehole,” said Gallagher, adding that Harry…

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