Transverse Waves

And the Chinese can use the new technology for espionage

Although experts and scientists warn of the health consequences of electromagnetic waves from the cellular network, the 5G network project is being pushed ahead. That means: more antennas and more high-frequency radiation. There is also a warning of espionage by China.

Telecoms have started converting transmission masts to make them suitable for 5G. But what are the dangers?

5G is an abbreviation that means “fifth generation”. It is a new cellular standard using frequencies of 6GHz. This should enable data rates of up to 10 Gbit / s. This means: even faster data transmission for all mobile devices connected to the network. 5G is said to be up to a thousand times faster than 4G. The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson expects that by 2024 over 40 percent of the world’s population will use 5G technology.

Risk of cancer and brain…

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