In some perspectives, Norway and British Columbia (Canada) are similar. The terrain is very much alike, and the population stands at around 5 millions. British Columbia, however, is nearly 3 times as large as Norway, with a much more considerable availability and diversity of game than Norway. Hunting regulations in British Columbia are also much less stringent than in Norway. In other words, British Columbia is a heaven for hunters, even compared to Norway that fares better than any other country in Europe.

Yet, the number of resident hunters in British Columbia is strikingly lower than in Norway, and it keeps dropping. From a high of 174,000 in the mid-eighties, it stood at 79,210 in 2013, or about 1.6% of the BC population. In contrast, resident hunters in Norway are increasing every year, and are at 509,570 as of April 8,2019. That’s about 9.7% of the population.

Why such a 6 fold difference between Norway and British Columbia? Population replacement and feminization.[…]

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