[…]Sociologists consider the family as the agency of primary socialization, it is the first point of call for children, the family is the first place where children experience interpersonal interactions that will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. The absence or presence of a family structure plays an important role in the development of an individual, fundamental habits and lessons are picked up from childhood and the family serves as a source of lessons and instructions throughout life.

[…]1. Structure:

The family has a hierarchy, the father, mother, children and probably members of the extended family. The family has a structure, and this structure creates a conducive environment for growth and learning, two very important processes.

The family creates a support system that goes both ways, there is an exchange of resources, both physical and emotional, between members of a family, thus giving an individual assess to everything they need to be a functional member of their family and society and provide more value as they grow. By being a part of this structured institution, each member of the family can appreciate the importance of structure in life and in the society as a whole.

2. Security:

At some point in our lives, we all need protection, we are born helpless as children, oblivious of the dangers of the world. One of the most important roles of the family is to provide security on all levels; physical security, financial security, etc. Young members of a family don’t have to worry about keeping themselves safe, the adults handle that responsibility until they are old enough to look out for themselves; even after that, the family is still always there to provide security when it’s needed.

No matter how much trouble you get into, you can always go back to family, so the family provides that security, it gives you assurance that you have people to fall back on, people that will happily help you in times of need.[…]

Top 10 Reasons Why Family Is Important In Life — Family Axis